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State Question 805 qualifies for November ballot

A controversial state question that would reform the state’s criminal justice system has qualified for November’s general election ballot, supporters say. The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that State Question 805 qualifies for the Nov. 3 ballot because supporters gathered enough signatures. Also, the initiative petition didn’t face any challenges within the prescribed window. Supporters…Read More

What exactly Virtual Particular date Online?

A digital date on the web is a kind of internet dating assistance that gives the opportunity to satisfy a potential partner online just before you take the next step of meeting in person. The first step of the process should be to set up a profile on a social network sites website. At the…Read More

Dating Online Safety Hints

There is a big difference between internet dating and chatting with someone who is definitely on the same social network sites site. Even though many may feel comfortable conntacting someone they have met internet, not everyone will be seeing that comfortable posting their sensitive information or personal difficulties with someone that that they met…Read More

House spending bill undermining pro-life protections

Pro-life leaders are sounding the alarm against efforts in the House to undermine pro-life protections in federal spending bills. On Friday, the House passed a “minibus” bill outlining funding of various federal agencies, including the State Department and foreign operations. Pro-life groups, however, have warned that the legislation would undermine the Mexico City Policy, which…Read More

US Supreme Court upholds Nevada’s coronavirus rules for houses of worship

By a 5-4 vote last Friday the Supreme Court upheld Nevada’s coronavirus regulation that limits attendance at indoor religious services to 50 persons. Some businesses in the state, such as casinos, may admit 50% of their capacity. Chief Justices John Roberts and Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan decided July…Read More

OCPA Blog: OEA’s bogus math

The Oklahoma Education Association’s national parent, the National Education Association, is known for bizarre actions like working to give boys access to girls’ bathrooms and endorsing Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. Recently the OEA added to the bizarre by trying to give the impression that public schools are receiving only half of Oklahoma’s education-related federal…Read More