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Nov. Ballot: New Petition Pushes for Recreational Marijuana

Amid efforts to establish a new medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma, activists want to enshrine the right to use marijuana — both for medical purposes and recreationally — in the state constitution. Green the Vote, headed by Tulsan Isaac Caviness, is promoting two state questions — 796 and 797 — of which it filed notice…Read More

An Election of Firsts

The Oklahoma primary on June 26th, 2018, will go down as one of the most iconic in state history for a number of reasons, some good and some not so much. First, a record number of voters showed at the polls at just under 900,000. That’s greater than the number of votes cast in the…Read More

SQ788 Passes Overwhelmingly, Time for Regulations

The big story from the June 26th primary was the overwhelming approval by voters of SQ788. We had hopes that the swing by Republican voters in the last few weeks would push numbers into the ‘no’ category. But there was no way to model for the deluge of voters who showed up to vote on…Read More

Dr. Kevin Taubman Issues Statement on SQ788, Med-Marijuana

Oklahomans must realize this upcoming ballot is a vote on Oklahoma State Question (SQ) 788, NOT true Medical Marijuana as advertised. This is a bad public health policy and that does not resemble a legitimate medical treatment program. If passed, this legislation will create a flawed framework that effectively is a shell bill for recreational…Read More

Gubernatorial candidates react to state’s poor rankings

The Oklahoman reached out to gubernatorial candidates this week to gauge their reaction to the newspaper’s series exploring the state’s poor rankings and outcomes in the areas of health, education, mental health and incarceration. Titled “The STATE of Oklahoma,” the yearlong series will look at why Oklahoma ranks among the worst — if not the…Read More