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ODOC: Over 3 dozen inmates graduate from community college

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections says more than 3 dozen incarcerated men at Dick Conner Correctional Center received diplomas and certificates from Tulsa Community College on Thursday. ODOC says 600 men have successfully completed their higher education since they partnered with TCC 15 years ago. Continue Reading…

Visa and Mastercard Suspend Pornhub Ad Payments Due to Child Porn Lawsuit

Today, Visa and Mastercard announced that they’ve suspended payment processing for advertising purchases on Pornhub and other sites owned by Pornhub’s parent company, MindGeek. Starting today, Visa and Mastercard will not process payments through TrafficJunky, MindGeek’s own advertising arm, due to allegations that MindGeek has profited from child sexual exploitation material (CSEM)—commonly known as and…Read More

DeSantis suspends Florida prosecutor for indicating he would not enforce restrictions on abortion, gender therapy

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended the top county prosecutor from Tampa on Thursday after the Democrat publicly said he wouldn’t enforce a new state abortion restriction or a potential law banning surgeries for transgender children. Flanked by state and area law enforcement officials who are fellow Republicans, DeSantis said at his news conference that Hillsborough…Read More

Religious freedom conflicts ahead after Michigan Supreme Court redefines sex

A Michigan Supreme Court decision that state civil rights law bars discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation may conflict with religious liberty, the Catholic Church in the state has said. The decision would “usurp the legislature’s role in the democratic process, present constitutional problems for people of faith, and place in jeopardy religious persons…Read More

Justice sues Idaho over six-week abortion ban

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit on Tuesday challenging Idaho’s six-week abortion ban. The department argued that Idaho’s law conflicts with the federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA), a law that requires providers to offer medically stabilizing treatment in an emergency, even if that care is an abortion. The lawsuit seeks an injunction to…Read More

Michigan judge blocks prosecutors from enforcing abortion ban

A Michigan judge approved a temporary restraining order that blocks prosecutors from enforcing the state’s 1931 abortion ban, according to a news release from the Michigan Attorney General’s Office. Oakland County Judge James J. Cunningham issued the temporary restraining order Monday, Aug. 1, the AG’s office said. It prohibits local county prosecutors from criminally prosecuting…Read More

Kansas Pro-Life Amendment Fails

The Value Them Both Amendment was defeated in a referendum vote in Kansas on Tuesday. As of late Tuesday night, with 82% of the votes counted, “No” was leading 61% to 39%. The constitutional amendment would have repealed the so-called “right to abortion” that the state’s Supreme Court said was in the Kansas constitution, paving…Read More