Help Expand Catholic School Scholarships

The Oklahoma Opportunity Scholarship Fund offers private citizens and companies the chance to support Catholic schools with their own tax dollars (which they’d have to pay anyway). These dollars are allocated in the form of scholarships for families in need of assistance. By urging your legislators to support this measure, the maximum amount of scholarships available each year will more than double. Please help us expand Catholic school scholarships!

End Juvenile Life Without Parole!

An important measure, House Bill 1449, will mandate that juveniles sentenced to life in prison be given a hearing to determine whether they have been reformed and present the possibility of a meaningful and redemptive life outside of prison. Tell your legislators juveniles deserve to be considered for a second chance!

Defund Organizations That Fail to Report Rape!

Some organizations that receive state and/or federal funds have been implicated in failing to report (or even covering up) statutory rape. These organizations should be disqualified from receiving state funds. Tell your legislators to support HB 2591 and redirect funds to deserving organizations.

Help Ensure Equal Justice!

Oklahoma voters passed State Question 780 to allow felons convicted of drug possession a chance to reform outside of prison. But those already in prison remain behind bars. Tell legislators to extend the same opportunity for reform to current inmates. Support SB357!