1889 Institute: A Distorted View of School Choice

The Tulsa World recently published a piece by a leader of the teacher walkout a few years ago predictably opposing Governor Stitt’s proposal to expand the Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship program. There is much to take issue with in the piece, which is full of disinformation, but perhaps the most preposterous claim is the following:

You’ve probably also heard of “school choice.” The term is extremely misleading because it implies that parents don’t have a choice,
when the reality is every parent already has school choice for their child. Parents can choose to send their child to a public school, private school, religious school or even home school. School choice isn’t about giving parents more options. It’s about using taxpayer dollars to give wealthy families a discount on their choice of school. (emphasis added)

Try telling that to the truancy officer.

The model of public education in America is that we assign every student to a government school based on the part of town they live in, and if they don’t show up, we threaten their parents with criminal prosecution. Then we sit back and wonder why public schools rarely show improvement no matter how much money we pour into them.

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