Abortion Groups Promise Spike in Roe Rage

Missing the days of 2020, when angry mobs were fixtures on America’s streets? If you’re nostalgic for the arson, destruction, and looting, abortion activists are promising more of it. Back by unpopular demand, the Left’s riots are set to return once the final Supreme Court ruling on Roe is handed down. “This will be a Summer of Rage across America,” the Women’s March vowed after last weekend’s protests. “We will be ungovernable,” the radicals threatened, until the violence they bring to our cities can be replicated in every mother’s womb.

Back at the Supreme Court justices’ houses, the five conservatives (and Roberts) are getting a preview of what’s to come, as crowds of abortion extremists stake out their neighborhoods with bullhorns and signs. Things have gotten so out of hand that Joe Biden’s indifferent Justice Department (probably noting the public’s overwhelming disgust) met with the FBI, court security officials, and the U.S. marshals to talk about the rise of threats. In a rare rebuke of the Left, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland even managed to call the rise of violence “unacceptable and dangerous.”

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