Amazon Reinstates Book Critical Of Trans Identity For Children After Claiming To Have Banned It In ‘Error’

Amazon has reinstated sales of a book critical of transgender identity among children after complaints from the author, who speculates many others might have joined her in the pushback.

Earlier this week, Maria Keffler’s new book, “Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult,” had sold less than 100 copies across three platforms and had received less than a dozen Amazon reviews before the online retail giant pulled it with “no contact, no warning, no reason,” according to Partners for Ethical Care (PEC).

Cofounded by Keffler, PEC is a nonprofit group that hopes to raise “awareness and support efforts to stop the unethical treatment of children by schools, hospitals, and mental and medical healthcare providers under the duplicitous banner of gender identity affirmation.”

“We fully expected it to happen,” Keffler told The Christian Post earlier this week regarding the ban. “We knew it was going to. We decided to launch it on multiple platforms because we expected it to be canceled. And so that’s why we also put it on Smashwords as well as Lulu, a print platform.”

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