Senate Bill Filed to End Funding for Trafficking of Fetal Body Parts

Senate Bill 1267, authored by Sen. Greg Treat (R-OKC), proposes to cut state health care funding for Oklahoma organizations or those affiliated with any out-of-state organizations that have been involved in the illegal sale of fetal remains from abortion procedures.

The bill formally creates the Defunding Human Trafficking Act, which specifically provides that certain eligibility requirements for state-allocated Medicaid funds cannot include such organizations.

Archbishop Coakley issued a statement supporting the bill:

“Protecting the dignity of every person from conception until natural death is vital to the strength of our families and our state. I am encouraged by this legislation and its intent to hinder the illegal trafficking of human body parts of aborted children for profit. It is our hope SB 1267 will provide a mechanism for state leaders to prevent funding support of any business participating in this illegal practice.”