Arlington Catholic Schools Flooded by New Students After Reopening 100% In-Person and Banning Transgender Pronouns

As millions of Catholic schoolkids returned to classes Monday, the Diocese of Arlington braced for a huge enrollment spike following its recent announcements of a 100% in-person learning policy and a ban on transgender pronouns.

John Gonzales reported for the local ABC news affiliate that 17,000 kids enrolled in the northern Virginia diocese’s 41 schools for the new year, a 6 percent increase over last year. School officials partly credited their ability to safely reopen every school for in-person learning with the boost, a happy problem that has caused them to hire additional personnel to support the increase.

“This year is a particularly exciting time in Catholic education, as we build off of the many innovations and lessons of the past year to reopen safely once again and to continue to pursue new, creative ways of learning for our students,” Dr. Joseph Vorbach, Superintendent of Schools, Catholic Diocese of Arlington, told ABC-7.

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