Biden Administration Asks Supreme Court to Stop Texas’ Pro-Life Law

The Department of Justice on Monday officially requested that the Supreme Court block a recently-passed law in Texas which bans most abortions after a heartbeat can be detected.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) submitted an application to the Court arguing that the Texas law violates Roe v. Wade and is therefore unconstitutional. The pro-life law, known as the Texas Heartbeat Act or S.B. 8, is already having “devastating” effects, the DOJ argued.

The Justice Department’s application also complained that abortion clinics are being “forced to shutter their doors” and may never reopen, even if the law is eventually struck down.

The document also points out that women in Texas who had planned on aborting their children are instead bringing them to term and giving birth.

The move by the DOJ is the latest in a constant string of efforts by the Biden administration to thwart the Texas law since it went into effect at the beginning of September.

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