Breaking: Christian student group back in from cold

News outlets broke the announcement that a Christian student group was—at least temporarily—allowed back on campus just two days after the group asked a federal court to protect its right to choose leaders who affirm its faith.

In InterVarsity Christian Fellowship v. Wayne State University, a Christian student group, which had been on campus for 75 years, was derecognized by Michigan-based Wayne State University because the group required its leaders to embrace its faith. In response to InterVarsity’s lawsuit, the school decided that it would allow the student group back on campus. It is unclear whether the school’s change is permanent.

InterVarsity’s student group at Wayne State is one of the oldest chapters in the country. It welcomes all students to join as members, and only requires its leaders agree with its faith.

But in late 2017, Wayne State said that InterVarsity’s religious leadership requirements violated school policy, even though many other school programs and student groups “violated” the same policy.

The school then derecognized InterVarsity, cancelled the group’s reserved meetings, and forced it to pay thousands of dollars if it wanted to continue holding Bible studies on campus. The school ignored months of requests from InterVarsity to allow it back on campus, until today.

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