Sen. Bullard: I’ve introduced a bill to protect rights and lives of Unborn Persons

Since the beginning of my campaign I have taken a very straight-forward approach to abortion. I want to end abortion.

The pathway to protect the unborn is often cluttered with strong opinions and misinformation. Couple that with a court system that is bent on stopping the protection of babies and on preventing women from protecting themselves against a corrupt and powerful abortion industry, and you have a system that is hard to change.

It has been wrongly taught that Roe v. Wade is about freedom. It is blatantly obvious this mindset misses the mark and completely ignores the freedom and rights of the child. The two bills that I am submitting today are an attempt to right this wrong and bring the ship back on course. The goal of this combined legislation is to protect life and get Oklahoma out of the abortion business. In fact, these bills will make Oklahoma a sanctuary state for the unborn.

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