Catholic Bishops Rebuke Self-Described ‘Strong Catholic’ Terry McAuliffe

The Catholic Church in Virginia is condemning Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s plan to eliminate conscience protections for religious organizations—a policy that threatens Catholic adoption agencies and other charitable institutions.

In his second bid for governor, McAuliffe has pledged to repeal Virginia’s conscience clause, which allows religious charities to place children into foster homes and for adoption to families that share the organization’s moral convictions. The Virginia Catholic Conference, which has represented Virginia’s two Catholic bishops on public policy issues since 2004, said state law has allowed adoption to become more expansive, while also respecting the religious liberty of charities. Executive director Jeff Caruso told the Washington Free Beacon McAuliffe’s plan will only serve to “harm families” that are seeking to serve underprivileged children by shuttering some of the largest and most prolific agencies in the state.

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