CCO Hosts Catholic Legislators Caucus, Nationally Renowned Speaker

On Holy Thursday, the Catholic Conference of Oklahoma hosted its inaugural event for the Catholic Legislators Caucus in the Governor’s Blue Room at the state capitol. Joining both Archbishop Coakley and Bishop Konderla were multiple Catholic members of the State Senate and House of Representatives along with Catholic lobbyists, clergy, diocesan and lay leaders.

Attendees were treated to an address by internationally renowned speaker Dr. Helen Alvare, who spoke generally on the importance of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) in public life and specifically on the critical challenges to the family in the West and what CST prescribes in aiding and repairing it.

Alvare spoke earlier in the morning to a packed crowd of young women at Bishop McGuinness High School in Oklahoma City on issues of sexuality and culture and what Catholic Social Teaching prescribes in terms of a Catholic understanding of chastity, marriage, family planning and dignity of the individual as a creature of God.

A former leader of pro-life efforts at the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops, Helen Alvare is a law professor at George Mason University in Northern Virginia and is regularly sought by the Vatican for her expertise on CST, family policy, and human sexuality and its proper understanding in the Church’s promotion of human flourishing.

Alvare is highlighted annually as a speaker at CAPP-USA‘s course on Catholic Social Teaching held at the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC.