Conservative group: Death penalty goes against conservative principles

Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty released a statement July 25 criticizing the federal reinstatement of capital punishment, arguing the practice goes against the fundamental principles of conservatism.

“Resumption of executions by the federal government goes against the trend we have seen in states across the nation, where executions and sentences are at historic lows. A growing number of conservative state lawmakers are driving that trend because they realize that capital punishment goes against their principles of valuing life, fiscal responsibility and limited government, and that the death penalty does nothing to make the public safer,” noted a statement by Hanna Cox, national manager of the group.

In an interview with NCR, Cox said there are more reasons why her organization opposes the death penalty but that, “at its basis, conservatism is based on the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and protection of the sanctity of human life, which the death penalty doesn’t meet any of.”

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