Echols, Dunnington Join Forces to Make SQ 780 Retroactive

One of the first major criminal justice reform measures to be addressed by the Oklahoma Legislature will be making State Question 780 retroactive. Voters in 2016 approved the measure which made drug possession a misdemeanor and raised the felony threshold for simple theft. House Floor Leader Jon Echols and Rep. Jason Dunnington filed House Bill 1269 to provide post-conviction relief to Oklahomans whose convictions took place before SQ 780 passed.

“It is time for Oklahoma to get out of the business of arresting and prosecuting individuals afflicted by drug addiction,” Dunnington said. “We have Oklahomans that are labeled as felons, and their crimes would be legal or a much lesser crime today. These folks are disenfranchised, and their families are suffering. This legislation seeks to heal these wounds and continue Oklahoma down the road of responsible criminal justice reform.”

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