Editorial: Philly Lawsuit Proves Why SB1140 Was Needed in Oklahoma

The main editorial in Friday’s Oklahoman reiterated the board’s endorsement of SB1140, which was signed into law by Gov. Fallin exactly two weeks ago. The editorial cites the lawsuit filed this month on behalf of Catholic Social Services against the city of Philadelphia after the city cut off CSS’s access to the foster care program due to their refusal to facilitate adoption for LGBT couples. The Oklahoman opined:

We supported [SB1140], believing needy children are better served by having many providers working on their behalf, and that there was no need to artificially restrict provider numbers. Same-sex couples can still adopt in Oklahoma; they just can’t use a Catholic organization.

A case in Philadelphia highlights why the law was needed. Pennsylvania doesn’t have a similar law in place, and the city of Philadelphia has decided to cut off foster placements through Catholic Social Services, which is challenging that decision in court. The city is the only source of foster care referrals, so loss of the city contract means Catholic Social Services may soon serve no foster children.

The result of Philadelphia’s action, Catholic Social Services notes in its lawsuit, is as negative as it is predictable: “Available foster homes are sitting empty.”

The background of the suit was detailed in a recent National Review interview with Becket, who is representing CSS and adoptive parents.

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