Election night 2020: 5 things you need to know

Shortly after midnight on election night, both President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden had won states key to their election. Trump won swing states Florida and Ohio, and was expected to win North Carolina. Biden was expected to win Arizona, which Trump won in 2016.

Trump led in Georgia, and in swing states Wisconsin and Michigan, but there were still votes to count, and no winner was expected to be announced until Tuesday. Trump led by more than 15 points in Pennsylvania, but urban areas, expected to go toward Biden, had not yet been fully counted. State officials said it could be days until a winner was declared, because mail-in votes still needed to be tallied.

The race is expected to come down to Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. If Pennsylvania is the final piece of either candidate’s path to 270 electoral votes, it could be days before the election was decided, and some expect that litigation could become an issue.

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