Execution dates requested for Julius Jones, 6 other inmates by new Oklahoma AG

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor has requested an execution date for Julius Jones.

According to the AG’s office, they’ve requested October 28th be Jones’s execution date.

Advocates for Julius Jones say this request undermines public faith in the justice process.

Jones is currently scheduled to have a commutation hearing on September 13th.

“It is shocking– and, quite frankly, outrageous – that the promise of a fair hearing, which former AG Mike Hunter agreed Mr. Jones has a right to, might now be short-circuited because of this rush to resume executions,” Rev. Cece Jones-Davis said.

The advocates are asking the Pardon and Parole Board to allow Jones the opportunity to tell his story at his commutation hearing.

Many believe Jones is innocent saying his co-defendant, Christopher Jones, confessed to committing the crime.

AG O’Conner says there are seven inmates to be scheduled for execution.

“[They] were convicted of heinous crimes. They either didn’t challenge the protocol or offer an alternative method of execution,” O’Connor continued.

According to O’Conner appeals for these cases have lasted between 13 and 36 years.

“In 2016, two-thirds of Oklahomans voted to insert capital punishment into the constitution. My job as the state’s chief law enforcement officer is to enforce the laws of the state of Oklahoma.

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