Federal Court: Professor Can’t be Forced to Use Trans Pronouns

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday that it was unconstitutional for university administrators to punish a Christian professor who wouldn’t use a “trans” student’s preferred gender pronouns.

Dr. Nicholas Meriwether teaches philosophy at Shawnee State University. “The university punished Meriwether because he declined a male student’s demand to be referred to as a woman, with feminine titles and pronouns,” explained Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a firm who legally represented the professor. “The court ruled that, based on the allegations in the complaint, the university violated Meriwether’s First Amendment rights.”

In a news release, ADF quoted its Senior Counsel, John Bursch. “This case forced us to defend what used to be a common belief—that nobody should be forced to contradict their core beliefs just to keep their job,” he said:

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