Florida surgeon general warns against youth transgender procedures in rebuke of Biden

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo said Wednesday that minors should not undergo gender transition procedures, along with puberty blockers and hormone treatments, and harshly criticized recent guidance from the Biden administration backing such treatments for children.

Ladapo issued a series of guidelines deterring gender transition procedures for children and adolescents “due to the lack of conclusive evidence, and the potential for long-term, irreversible effects.” The guidelines include discouraging social gender transitions, such as name, pronoun, and clothing changes, puberty blockers, and hormone treatments for people younger than 18, as well as encouraging social support by peers and family and counseling from a licensed provider.

Ladapo also rebuked the Biden administration’s related guidance, the latest clash between Gov. Ron DeSantis’s administration and the federal government.

“The federal government’s medical establishment releasing guidance failing at the most basic level of academic rigor shows that this was never about health care,” Ladapo said . “It was about injecting political ideology into the health of our children. Children experiencing gender dysphoria should be supported by family and seek counseling, not pushed into an irreversible decision before they reach 18.”

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