For True Peace in the World, We Must End Abortion

Senate Democrats ended February by insisting on a procedural fight over the Women’s Health Protection Act. They aimed to get Republicans on record during an election year. But if Americans realize just what the Women’s Health Protection Act is about, it should not only backfire as a Democratic strategy but prompt an awakening about how radical a country we’ve become when it comes to abortion. The Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision put us in league with the abortion laws of North Korea and China. If Roe is overturned in June, Democrats plan to legislate pro-abortion policy — and then some.

It was striking to hear Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer be open about what the euphemistically and manipulatively named legislation is about: abortion. Most Democrats in the Senate voted for the bill to come to the floor. The one exception was West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, who more and more often is finding himself to be an exception, much like former Democratic congressman Dan Lipinski, who fought to make abortion opponents welcome in his party. Lipsinki is no longer in Congress because the powers that be in his party — who need the support of the abortion industry — primaried him.

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