Fr. Pacholczyk: Abortion Funding – Cutting Off the Blood Supply

Americans have long been disturbed by the fraud and waste that often surrounds the federal government’s use of their tax dollars. They now have further reason to be up in arms because of the way those tax dollars support the practice of abortion, even though such support, technically speaking, remains illegal.

The 1976 Hyde Amendment, a rider attached by Congress to federal spending bills each year, states that federal tax dollars — particularly for Medicaid — cannot be used to pay for abortions. Yet, approximately half a billion dollars of taxpayer money is received annually by Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of “pregnancy terminations” in the United States.

Although Planned Parenthood does not directly receive Medicaid reimbursements for the abortion procedures it performs, the inherent fungibility of funds means that any money provided to Planned Parenthood ends up supporting and indirectly financing their primary business, which is elective abortion. Taxpayer funding props up the nation’s largest abortion chain, with more than 300,000 abortions carried out under the auspices of Planned Parenthood each year.

Many Americans object to taxpayer subsidies for this organization, seeking to avoid any cooperation or involvement in the serious evils it promotes. This is why pro-life Americans and individuals of conscience are urging that the organization be defunded, to put a stop to the de facto circumventing of the Hyde Amendment that happens every time Planned Parenthood takes advantage of some form of government funding.

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