Georgia Passes Heartbeat Abortion Bill Despite Celebrity Criticism

The Georgia state legislature has passed a controversial fetal heartbeat bill, despite protests from actors and business executives.

H.B. 481, which would prohibit abortion after the detection of a fetal heartbeat, passed a March 30 vote in the House of Representatives by a vote of 92 to 78–just one above the 91 votes needed for passage.

An earlier draft of the bill had already been passed the House, with an amended version passed by the Senate last week before coming back to the House floor on Saturday. Governor Brian Kemp (R) has said that he will sign the bill.

Ahead of the vote, a group of 50 actors and actresses threatened a campaign to move film and television production out of Georgia should the bill become law. Led by Alyssa Milano, former star of TV show Who’s the Boss and direct-to-video film Poison Ivy II, the group co-signed an open letter urging Kemp and the state speaker of the house to re-think passage of the bill.

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