Gov. Mary Fallin Delivers Final State of the State Address

Oklahoma’s elected state politicians should find budgetary compromise to avoid more chaos, Gov. Mary Fallin said in her final State of the State address Monday.

Fallin’s remarks pulled into focus the results of inaction, and consequences of continuing to fill budget holes with one-time sources of revenue.

“One path would be to continue year after year with an air of uncertainty that consumes our thoughts, drains our hopes – like the old saying of robbing Peter to pay Paul – then Paul runs out of cash,” Fallin said. “If we are to effect change, we can’t keep doing the same old thing and expect a different result. That path will lead to more chaos at the Capitol.”

The governor reminded legislators about key recipients of the policies that will be considered this year.

“Before you cast your vote, focus on the teacher who will see a $5,000 salary increase not just as a way to pay bills, but as a validation of their vital vocation, and a business community that sees how committed we are to a strong, educated workforce,” she said. “Or perhaps, as you reach for the vote button, you may want to picture in your mind a caregiver who seeks the state’s help so an elderly mother or father can live out their final years with security and dignity.

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