Guest column: Catholic church is more than ‘pro-life.’ We support women.

Count me among the many who are grateful for the recent Dobbs decision from our Supreme Court. I attended my first March for Life rally in D.C. in 1982, as a Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School student traveling from Oregon, Ohio.

The Catholic Church’s “pro-life” position has held steady for over two millennia. Although certainly anti-abortion, it is so much more. To be “pro-life” is to respect human life from conception to natural death — for the frightened mom in a crisis pregnancy, to the father (present or absent), to the newly conceived human life in the womb. To be “pro-life” is to be for the widow, the orphan, the immigrant, the refugee, the inmate on death row, the mentally ill, the addicted — indeed, for all of humanity, those with visible brokenness noted above, and all the rest of us (myself included) whose brokenness might not be as apparent to others. To be “pro-life” is to will the good of the other in the fullest sense of that term, not simply the most “expedient.”

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