House Democrats Call for Special Session on Medical Marijuana

Democrats in the group examining medical marijuana policy have called on legislative leaders to bring the rest of the lawmakers back to Oklahoma City.

The three House Democrats on the committee said Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program needs legislative action to set labeling and testing guidelines. They’re pushing for the adoption of the so-called “unity bill,” which is a legislative proposal drafted by various advocacy groups that supported the medical marijuana campaign.

“As Democrats, our top concern is that we proceed with a timely, safe and effective implementation of what Oklahomans voted for,” said House Democratic Leader Steve Kouplen, D-Beggs. “We have a bill in front of us that was assembled by industry experts and a coalition of activist organizations, based on tested standards in successful programs, nationwide.”

Miami Democrat Ben Loring, who noted he didn’t support State Question 788, said he’s ready to see more respect given to the people who voted for it and the industry that is putting work into launching the program.

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