Lankford: Senate bill works to create incentive for charitable giving

A United States senator from Oklahoma says he is focused on helping non-profit organizations survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Sen. James Lankford announced that a bill the provides targeted funding for coronavirus relief will now include an incentive for charitable giving.

“It’s called a skinny bill because the House put out a $3.5 trillion bill as their goal. We were trying to look at what are the prime needs? Schools, vaccines, small businesses that have been hardest hit, but also not-for-profits. The safety net in America is really made up of three groups; families are the first safety net. Second safety net are churches and non-profits. The third safety net is government. I know a lot of people look at it and say the safety net is government, but by the time that folks get to government, they should have already gone through the other two. We need families that are strong. We need not-for-profits that are strong. So in the previous bill, in the CARES Act that we did in March, we gave everyone a $300 tax deduction if they donated to a non-profit of their choice. Any non-profit, any church, any house of worship they could donate to because those folks are all helping people. We increased that in this proposal, so it’s $600 per person or $1,200 for a family that you can deduct straight from your taxes. The goal is, we’ve gotta get help out there to as many people as possible. So we want to incentivize folks giving to not-for-profits because those are the folks that are holding up a lot of families that are in need right now with clothes, with food, with basic help, trying to be able to get that too. So any non-profit, people can donate to, write that off on their taxes this year, even if you don’t itemize,” Lankford told KFOR.

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