Marijuana State Question Can’t Make November Ballot

Two proposed state questions concerning legalized marijuana will not make the November general election ballot, Secretary of State James Williamson confirmed Tuesday, even if the petitions have enough signatures.

“The biggest impediment was clearly the publication notice which requires 10 business days,” Williamson said Tuesday, acknowledging that time no longer remains before Aug. 27, the latest date on which Gov. Mary Fallin can issue an election proclamation for November’s general election ballot.

Green the Vote turned in boxes of signed petitions late Wednesday afternoon for State Question 796 and State Question 797. State Question 796 would put medical marijuana in the State Constitution, making it regulated by the Oklahoma Cannabis Commission. State Question 797 would legalize recreational marijuana in Oklahoma, also under the regulatory authority of the Oklahoma Cannabis Commission.

“We tried to warn them in advance that it was highly unlikely they would make the November ballot,” said Williamson.

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