Michigan Parents and Lawmakers Launch Petition to Give Kids School Choice

An advocacy group called Let MI Kids Learn is aiming to get 340,000 signatures to put a school choice initiative on the ballot before Michigan voters – after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, D-MI, vetoed the legislation.

“The passage of this legislation was a test for Governor Whitmer: she could stand with families and children, or she could stand with special interests,” Republican Rep. Bryan Posthumus told a local ABC affiliate. “Sadly, but predictably, Whitmer chose the special interests — as she always has. But Michigan’s constitution gives voters a recourse, and our petition drive will allow voters to expand opportunities for children, even if Whitmer won’t,” Posthumus said.

The Legislature sent a series of bills called the Student Opportunity Scholarship Package, which would have created savings accounts for the state’s eligible students, allowing them to spend education funding at their family’s discretion either in a public school of their choice or as homeschoolers and private school attendees.

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