Most Americans Oppose A No-Fly Zone, Don’t Want to Risk War With Russia To Help Ukraine

A new poll found that a majority of Americans agree with NATO’s decision not to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine due to concerns that it would lead to a direct conflict with Russia.

The Quinnipiac poll of nearly 2,000 U.S. adults, conducted between March 10-14, also found that three fourths of Americans want the U.S. to supply aid to Ukraine, as long as it did not put the country at risk of war with Russia.

According to the poll, a clear majority, 54%, agreed with NATO’s continued refusal to enforce a no-fly zone, while just 32% disagreed, and 15% had no opinion. Majorities of Democrats and Independents, 58% to 30% and 57% to 30%, respectively, agreed with NATO, while a plurality of Republicans, 47% to 38%, also agreed.