New Poll Shows Strong Opposition to Mail-Order Abortions

As John McCormack has noted, a new Marist poll on abortion commissioned by the Knights of Columbus adds to a significant body of research finding that most Americans oppose taxpayer funding for abortion both at home and abroad.

While many survey research firms ask only infrequently about incremental pro-life laws, the annual KofC/Marist poll consistently finds public support for a range of incremental pro-life policy goals, including parental-involvement laws, conscience protections for health-care professionals, and gestational-age limits on abortion.

But this year’s Marist poll was unique because it was the first to ask about mail-order chemical-abortion drugs. The survey found that 63 percent of respondents oppose new Biden-administration FDA rules eliminating the requirement that women obtain chemical-abortion drugs in person from a medical professional, allowing them instead to obtain them through the mail without an in-person appointment.

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