OCPA Blog: OEA’s bogus math

The Oklahoma Education Association’s national parent, the National Education Association, is known for bizarre actions like working to give boys access to girls’ bathrooms and endorsing Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. Recently the OEA added to the bizarre by trying to give the impression that public schools are receiving only half of Oklahoma’s education-related federal COVID funding. Any suggestion to that effect is patently false.

Oklahoma received $360 million in federal funding to cover the costs of the education response to COVID-19. Of that $360 million, $160.9 million went to the state’s Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund, which pays for COVID-related expenses at public schools, and $39.8 million went to the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund, which pays for a host of initiatives. The remainder primarily went to colleges.

The governor’s ‘Stay in School’ initiative will allow some low-income children from high-risk populations whose public-school options are failing them to instead attend private schools. It received $10 million. Ten million is not 50 percent of $360 million. Ten million is not half of $160.9 million. Ten million is not half of $39.8 million. The OEA’s claim has no basis in mathematical reality.

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