Oh, What A Year For School Choice

It has been hard to keep up with the number of school choice programs state legislatures have created so far in 2021. As sessions across the country wrap up, it is worth pausing to underscore just how massive the wins for the educational choice movement have been this year.

Education savings accounts, or ESAs, are the vanguard of school choice policy. No longer must students exchange a voucher or a tax-credit scholarship at a single educational institution. Now, funding is placed in a flexible-use spending account that families can spread across private schools, tutoring, therapies, and other educational resources. West Virginia passed an absolutely massive ESA bill that will have the broadest eligibility of any school choice program in the nation. Kentucky and Missouri were the first states to create ESAs that would be funded by tax-credited donations rather than directly by the state.  And not to be left out, Indiana created a new ESA program, and Florida consolidated one of its voucher programs with its ESA program, allowing more students to have access to ESAs.

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