OK Leaders Announce Budget Deal to Expand Private Education Scholarships

State leaders touted a “historic” investment in education in the proposed budget.

Common education will see a $178 million increase in funding, which will trigger a provision in state law that caps class sizes for kindergarten and first-grade students. In total, the budget would appropriate $3.2 billion for common education.

“After such a very challenging year in the wake of the pandemic, the budget agreement announced today is tremendous news for students, teachers and, in fact, all Oklahomans who benefit from a strong educational system,” State schools Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said in a statement. “An additional $137 million for the school funding formula and $60 million for textbooks will go a long way toward ensuring our children are on track academically.”

The budget would also increase the cap on the Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Scholarship fund, a tax credit for donations to schools, to $50 million, which would be divided equally for public and private schools. 

Currently, the cap is at $3.5 million for private schools and $1.5 million for public schools.

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