Gov. Stitt Announces Sweeping School Choice Reform

In his State of the State address, Gov. Kevin Stitt urged legislators to be bold and provide Oklahoma families with a significant expansion of school-choice opportunity, saying families should have the greatest voice in how their children are educated.

“In Oklahoma, we listen to parents, because we know God gave kids to parents—not to the government,” Stitt said.

He also called for providing “six figure” salaries to the state’s best teachers to keep them in the classroom rather than shifting to administrative positions.

Stitt noted that last year lawmakers voted to increase school-choice opportunity by expanding a tax-credit program for donations to organizations providing private-school scholarships to lower- and middle-income families

Jonathan Wright, a freshman at Oklahoma Bible Academy in Enid, is among the beneficiaries of that program and attended Stitt’s speech. When Jonathan was three years old, he was adopted out of foster care by a single mom. His family has used a tax-credit-created Equal Opportunity Scholarship to send Wright to Oklahoma Bible Academy for four years. Stitt noted that Wright’s adoptive mother said the school has “transformed his life.”

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