Oklahoma House Passes Two Landmark Pro-Life Measures

The Oklahoma House of Representatives today approved two bills to reduce abortions in the state.

House Bill 1102, authored by Rep. Jim Olsen, R-Roland, directs the Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision and the State Board of Osteopathic Examiners to revoke the licenses of physicians who perform abortions for at least one year. The bill provides an exception for abortions performed to save the life of the mother.

“Government exists to uphold our God-given rights, including the right to life,” Olsen said. “We as Oklahomans must do all we can to stand up against the atrocity of abortion.”

HB1102 also directs the Attorney General’s office to calculate costs paid for by the state or local entities in court challenges to the bill and report the amounts for each calendar quarter to the Legislature.

Rep. Todd Russ, R-Cordell, is the author of House Bill 2441 that would stop abortions from being performed once an unborn child is determined to have a detectable heartbeat.

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