Oklahoma passes another near-total abortion ban

The Oklahoma Senate on Thursday passed a bill aimed at banning all abortions in the state and would be enforced by lawsuits from private citizens. It now heads to Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt’s desk.

Driving the news: The Oklahoma state House on the same day passed another billwhich would ban abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy. Both measures were inspired by a law in Texas that’s recognized as one of the most restrictive in the U.S.

  • The authors of the near-total ban did not respond to Axios’ requests for comment on how the two Texas-style laws would coexist.

Why it matters: Oklahoma’s near-total ban encourages private citizens to sue anyone suspected of helping a person get an abortion. If signed, it would become the most restrictive abortion law in the U.S.

  • The legislation would take effect as soon as it is signed into law. Stitt has previously said he’ll sign any anti-abortion bill that comes to his desk.

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