Oklahoma student achievement plummets amidst school shutdown

Academic achievement in Oklahoma public schools plunged during the COVID shutdowns that began in spring 2020 and continued in many districts throughout much of the following school year, based on the newly released results of state academic testing presented to the State Board of Education.

Fewer than one in four Oklahoma students performed at grade level or better in English Language Arts in spring 2021. The share performing at grade level was even lower in math, and fewer than 30 percent of students were at grade level in science.

Grade-specific results were worse in some instances with fewer than one in five Oklahoma students testing at grade level in certain grades and subjects.

“We should be alarmed by what we are seeing—the impact of COVID on our children and our families,” said State Superintendent for Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister.

Federal law requires states to test students in core subjects each year, although that requirement was waived in 2020 due to COVID shutdowns. The spring 2021 tests were the first administered since 2019.

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