Oklahoma Supreme Court opts to temporarily not rule on request to put SQ 820 on ballot

The Oklahoma Supreme Court will not rule on a request that the State Election Board place SQ 820 on the November ballot, instead holding the matter in abeyance.

SQ 820 seeks to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults 21 and older in Oklahoma.

Proponents of the bill asked for the State Election Board to place SQ 820 on the ballot.

The Supreme Court stated it could not rule on the request.

“This matter is held in abeyance because the time period for filing objections to either the signatures or the ballot title has not yet expired,” the court’s order states.

Even though the deadline has come and gone for measures to make it on the ballot this November, there’s still uncertainty whether a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana will be voted on this year.

Aug. 26 was the deadline for the measure to be finalized, according to the State Election Board.

Michelle Tilley, the campaign director for Yes on 820 turned in more than enough for the question to make the ballot in early July, but the certification process wasn’t finished in time. She blames how long the state took to count.

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