Oklahoma tax dollars should fund school choice for students, not lobbyists

“In Oklahoma, we fund students, not systems.” So said Gov. Kevin Stitt in his State of the State address earlier this month, in which he laid out a bold vision for increasing educational choices.

At the center of that plan is the Oklahoma Empowerment Act (SB 1647), a proposal to allow families to claim a portion of their education tax dollars to assist in paying private school tuition or other approved education expenses. If SB 1647 is passed, every parent of a school-age student will have access to an Empowerment Account containing at least $3,500 to support the educational experience they feel is best for their child.

SB 1647 is based on the reality that parents — not bureaucrats — should be empowered to make education decisions for their children and that parents are the primary owners of the tax dollars they put into the system. If this seems like a slam dunk proposal, it is.

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