Oklahoma’s booming medicinal marijuana business has been accompanied by issues during rapid growth according to State Bureau of Narcotics

Marijuana is Oklahoma’s ballooning cash crop, and its industry’s growth in the state may surprise you.

Over the last year up until the end of November, medical marijuana brought in around $138 million in revenue. Another thing is it’s easy for people to start grows and businesses in the industry compared to other states. There are 45,000 employees in the industry statewide, and with cheaper licenses and land, it’s brought in thousands of grow operations.

“It appears that the industry in Oklahoma is booming,” said Kelsey Pagonis with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

The number backing that claim would be the revenue. Pagonis also said the free-market system is fueled by just under 9,000 grow operations and around 2,500 dispensaries across the Sooner State.

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