Opinion: Oklahoma Still Segregates Public Schools

The most powerful tool for racial segregation the American government ever had was its school system—not just in the past, but today. A new data-mapping tool from the Urban Institute shows in shocking detail how effective the government school monopoly is, in Oklahoma and elsewhere, at continuing to enforce racial segregation. If we’re serious about aspiring to an integrated society, we need to dismantle the monopoly and give all parents school choice.

The government school monopoly has been segregated by race all the way back to its first creation in the 19th century. America has never had an integrated school system. On the contrary, when the system was created, keeping children of different colors in separate schools was one of its fundamental policy commitments.

That policy has never changed. It’s true that since the civil rights revolution, the government’s school segregation policy has no longer been openly acknowledged for what it is. The system is no longer allowed to segregate by race directly

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