Out-of-state donors spending millions to protect abortion in Kansas ahead of statewide vote

Kansas will become the first state in the nation to vote on abortion following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and pro-choice groups and individuals outside the state are spending millions of dollars in contributions in an attempt to influence the outcome of that vote.

On Aug. 2, voters will cast ballots on the Value Them Both constitutional amendment, which will decide whether elected representatives will have the ability to regulate abortion in Kansas after the state’s Supreme Court previously found the 1859 Kansas Constitutiongrants a “natural right” to abortion.

Recent financial reports filed by Kansans for Constitutional Freedom (KCF), a group that bills itself as a “bipartisan coalition of reproductive rights advocates and allied organizations,” revealed that a majority of the donations it has received in its fight to defeat the amendment came from individuals and groups located outside of Kansas.

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