Parents Push Back for Their Children: Education Issue Key to Youngkin’s Victory in Virginia

Parents in Virginia weren’t thinking about starting a movement when they went to school board meetings to push for the reopening of their children’s classrooms after the COVID-19 lockdowns.

But as they lobbied for in-person learning, they learned more about what their children were being taught and started asking questions, rousing other parents to action and drawing the attention of Glenn Youngkin, a political outsider.

Youngkin, a Republican who won the governor’s race Nov. 2, let parents know that he was behind them as they challenged their local boards of education over curriculum content and the reopening of schools following the COVID lockdowns.

After his opponent Terry McAuliffe declared in a Sept. 28 debate that parents shouldn’t be telling schools what they should teach, Youngkin said, “This ceased to be a campaign, and it started to be a movement led by parents.”

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