Planned Parenthood erases fact that ectopic pregnancy treatment isn’t an abortion from its website

Planned Parenthood has freshly scrubbed its website in light of the media’s attempts to convince women that ectopic pregnancy treatments and other lifesaving procedures are actually abortions. Induced abortion, however, is the intentional killing of a human being before birth.

What did Planned Parenthood purge? A sentence that read, “Treating an ectopic pregnancy isn’t the same thing as getting an abortion.”

The clear distinction that abortion is not necessary to treat dangerous ectopic pregnancies was present on the Planned Parenthood website in 20202021, and most of this year — even as late as July 14, 2022. Since the Supreme Court’s reversal of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision, media misinformation has spread like wildfire, muddling the true definition of abortion in the minds of the public.

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