Point of view: Public funds for public schools is a hollow slogan

“No public money for private schools.”

This slogan, employed against the idea of public funding for parents to choose which schools their children attend, is so void of meaning, so vapid in its reasoning. Such is the wit and wisdom in the Public Funds for Public Schools OK Coalition’s (PFPS) name. This coalition of the usual suspects — unions, insider associations and a couple of politicized ministries have a “goal of ensuring public funds remain in public schools.”

The only funds spent in public schools that stay in public hands are those that buy land, buildings and other assets that remain in public ownership. Most of the money is spent on people (teachers, administrators, custodians, bus drivers, counselors, coaches, groundskeepers, sports referees, food preparers and clerical workers, to name a few), all private citizens. The companies that sell food, computers, books, desks, balls, buses, consulting services, textbooks, pens, whiteboards, bricks, sod, paper, and supplies for maintenance and upkeep are private companies.

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