Poll: Voters Disapprove of traditional K-12 Public School, Support Publicly Funded Alternatives

A statewide poll of registered voters in Oklahoma conducted by Amber Integrated (AI) shows general dissatisfaction with K-12 public education. At 51 percent, a majority of voters say they disapprove of “the job K-12 public education is doing,” with 29 percent of all voters saying they “strongly” disapprove. Just 36 percent of voters say they approve of the job public education is doing, with only 12 percent saying they “strongly approve.”

Disapproval of public education is stronger among independents (57 percent) than Republicans (53 percent) or Democrats (46 percent).

While voters are consistently unimpressed with public education, there is significant support for state-funded alternatives to traditional public schools, at least among independents and Republicans. We asked voters two questions about charter schools and vouchers, with our questions intended to measure a fair representation of the public debate about each.

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