Pro-Life Fervor Spreads through States

Pro-life lawmakers in a growing number of states are calling for laws similar to Texas’ Heartbeat Law.

“Bills with language similar or identical to the Texas law have been introduced in Alabama, Florida, Missouri and Ohio so far this year,” noted the liberal publication The Hill. “Most of the measures allow plaintiffs to seek monetary damages against abortion providers or those who ‘aid and abet’ an abortion that takes place more than six weeks after conception. The Ohio version would outlaw virtually all abortions.”

Republican state Rep. Sean Roberts of Oklahoma recently announced he would introduce his own bill along those lines. “The pro-life citizens of Oklahoma should have the ability to help hold these doctors accountable,” he said. “Individual citizens are an extremely important part of making sure that we are protecting the lives of the unborn. This legislation puts principle into action and I am going to fight extremely hard to get it passed during the upcoming session.”

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