Republican Legislators Ramp Up Pressure on State Board of Ed Critical Race Theory Vote

Pressure to implement House Bill 1775 is being applied by Republican Legislators on the State Board of Education. A meeting is scheduled for Monday to consider emergency rules to implement the guidelines set by the legislation which disallows teaching history and other courses using the concept of critical race theory.

HB 1775 House author Representative Kevin West has joined Senator David Bullard in calling on the State Board of Ed to implement the rules so that the issue is clear ahead of the next school year this fall.

Teachers deserve clear guidelines when they start this school year so they can obey the law created by the passage of House Bill 1775,” West said. “To delay the implementation of rules that follow the intent of the legislation is a disservice to students, parents and educators, causing needless fear and confusion over what is allowed and disallowed in our public school classrooms.”

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